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DIY Stainless Steel Kits

Lakecraft Marine DIY Boat Lift Kits

Why Not revamp your own Hydrolift yourself?

Extend the life of your existing Hydrolift by decades, by installing our Stainless Steel Kit.

diy ss kit

DIY Stainless Steel Kits Includes:

  • 1 x Custom 316 stainless Steel I beam with bow support fixed.
  • 1 x Custom 316 Stainless Steel rear main I beam.
  • 4 x 316 Stainless Steel pontoon support bands (Top).
  • 4 x 316 Stainless Steel pontoon support bands (Bottom).
  • 2 x 316 Stainless steel pontoon slide mounts.
  • 2 x 316 Stainless steel off side slide posts.
  • 8 x lengths of 316 Stainless Chain (17 Links).
  • 18 x 316 Stainless Steel D Shackles.
  • 16 MM 316 Stainless Steel bolts & nyloc nuts.

Lakecraft Stainless Steel Boat Lift Kits are guaranteed against faulty workmanship & materials for 10 years!

Accessories Included: ( just advise us of either Mono or Multi Hull )

  • 4 x Keel pads for Multi Hull or 2 x rear bilge.
  • Supports for Mono Hulls.

┬áDon’t Have time to spare? Cannot do it yourself?

Let us do it all for you!

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